Why it’s so critical to have realistic data in your mockups

Here’s a real conversation that I had with a developer recently:


As a designer, it’s easy enough to put together a mockup with data that isn’t real -it’s a mistake we all make. The resulting output is predictable and almost poetic. From the above Slack conversation:

Line 1 = That’s a BIG issue, not going to make it into MVP

Line 2 = I couldn’t code for this contingency…

Line 3 = …because the mockups you made didn’t accurately capture the content we’d be delivering

So to my developer friends – I’m sorry I let this happen – be sure that I’ll work to resolve this in the future.

Here’s a good solution – working with the Sketch Data Populator to help get realistic data into your designs without a ton of rework or copy/pasting. I’ll try this out on my very next project.




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